Valkyria part 1

As i mentioned earlier, my friend is working on a story called valkyria, and she just sent me the first "part" of it and i thought i'd chare it here, and please tell me what you think.. :)

(I have to translate it from swedish to english (i'm using google translator) so i hope you can understand it, and there may be some words wrong... lol)

The Queen hit her across the face and caused a wound on one cheek.
Behind her stands three other Vampires ready to help their queen who's now fighting with Valkyria.
That's the woman's name, Valkyria, a beautiful young vampire hunter.
A few feet away from her other hunters are fighting as well, Danny Johnson, Kate Wright and Russell Stevens.
Suddenly you hear a resounding roar, Russell is thrown in among a bunch of wooden boxes.
- Are you okey Russell? Kate cries.
- I get along, Russell answeres.
- Come on now, I would like to come home today, Valkyria screams to the others.
Kate turns around and there a cloud of smoke, Valkyria just killed one of the vampires, but before she could kill the others they were gone.
Danny and the Valkyria stands on one side of Russell and helps him come up.
- Can you walk? asked Valkyria.
- There is no problem, "says Russell and limping forward.
- No, you need help, "says Danny, and help Russell go to the car.

When they come back to the base Danny helps Russell out of the car and off to the sofa where Kate's checking out his legs.
- It's not broken but you have to take it easy in a few days, "said Kate to Russell.
Russell looks at Kate and asks her what happened to the others.
- Danny and I are okey, but Valkyria has a wound on her cheek and a few sprains.
- And how many did we get this time? asked Russell.
- We got one, "said Valkyria with a grumpy voice.
- We'll take them next time, "said Danny who just came into the room.
- We must hope, for they are increasing in numbers, "said Valkyria.

(That's all for now, but as soon as she sends me more i'll translate it and post it here)

True Blood wallpapers

True blood started here in Sweden a few weeks back, and what can i say..... i'm hooked... it's a fab. show.... i absolutely love it.

So here's my first True Blood wallpapers i've made + a banner set.

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